Martín Lombardo, the cinema and the apple, by Verónica Nieto

Martín Lombardo, el cine y la manzana, de Verónica Nieto

Two stories intersect here: on the one hand, a man who remembers the letters his uncle Robert sent him, obsessed with Willhem Tell’s lineage and the cinema. On the other hand, a professor of Spanish for foreigners who lives in France and receives a detective assignment from one of his students: to find the whereabouts of a certain Guido Celli, a film scriptwriter, who adopted several pseudonyms throughout his career.

“Why is it that once we have turned our backs on what we have been chasing all our lives, our first reflex is inevitably to make a sad escape or, in the best of cases, to check whether our usual wishes, just when they can be carried out, are worthwhile?

Narrated with a somewhat melancholy prose, always philosophical and with subtle irony, both stories begin to weave a common plot, with a detective-like feel, threaded with details of the cinema and a good deal of phrases to emphasize, whose MacGuffin is, no doubt, the Tell lineage and the apple.

“It is uncertainty and a good story is made up of just that, uncertainty and nothing else.

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