Cuentos XMAS (XMAS Stories)

Cuentos XMAS (XMAS Stories)

Data sheet

No. of pages: 96
Language: SPANISH
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788494947308
Edition year: 2018

By Seb Doubinsky, Matilda Braxton-Bali, Martín Lombardo, Marina López Planella, Ángel Loureiro, Ana Jaka, Rafael Sáenz de Cabezón.

How to read XMAS in Spanish? X more? Ksmas? Chmas? And what do we understand when we actually read it?

XMAS Stories groups seven Christmas-themed stories with X themes: an unknown, a prohibition, something with pornographic content, an indeterminacy, a substitution, a Roman numeral ... All those "X" themes in a "mas" "más" version. Some of the inhabitants of this space are: an individual who flees from the cold in search of healing human warmth; a sixty-year-old in love with the Magi; a friar who finds peace lecturing a community of settlers and indigenous people; an “it” girl housewife on the boil before her Christmas party preparations; a Santa Claus by accident, the protagonist of an untraditional tale; a young woman thirsty for a good love story; and a resident of the Big Apple hungry for Christmas revenge.

The characters and voices in these stories, framed in a festive and celebratory atmosphere, and sheltered by everything that Christmas supposedly entails, propose heterodox realities as the only way to a new birth.

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