Cuentos TRANS (TRANS Stories)

Cuentos TRANS (TRANS Stories)

Data sheet

No. of pages: 112
Language: SPANISH
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788494841590
Edition year: 2018

Por Inma Chacón, Fermina Ponce, Germán Padinger, Margarita García Gallardo, Antonio J. Quesada, Sharon E. Smith, Carlos A. Colla, Miquel Bota.

Is TRANS an adjective? Is TRANS- a prefix? What is TRANS? What does it mean?

Each reader can ask this question from very different perspectives, depending on the moment in time and life trajectory. So you can simultaneously enjoy all the amazing stories in this collection, and playfully challenge your reading preconceptions.

TRANS Stories brings together eight narrative voices from different backgrounds, which offer unique approaches to the term “trans”. Some of the inhabitants of this transliterary journey are: a lonely being who celebrates a (happy) birthday; a mother and a daughter who face the coldness of an operating room; a journalist who lives in space, in a colony on Earth; a young civil servant who is confused by the night; a cook and an artist who decide to revolutionize the world of the senses; the wife of an entomologist ready to solve a mystery; a Kabbalist who undergoes a transformation after an outbreak of (ir)reality; and the male models of a painter who are discovered through a game of identities.

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