Britannica by Germán Padinger

Britannica by Germán Padinger

Data sheet

No. of pages: 136
Language: SPANISH
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978-84-949473-6-0
Edition year: 2019

In a future that seems close to becoming the past, the novel's characters struggle to adapt to the rapid concentration of information in a global file that can be accessed, as in a dream, through a cable connected directly to the brain: a process they call «enhancement».

Young programming students, a wear social science teacher, a woman searching for her missing husband in the cloud, and a colonizer trying to build a new world populate this novel.

Before them, virtual life and the ideology that «enhancement» brings will soon seem more attractive than flesh and blood, and the world will be immersed in a race towards transmigration, in transit times as technology advances. It is in this context that militants of an esoteric and nostalgic movement will try to warn about the dangers of abandoning the body, that old desire of philosophy.

All of this is told through independent stories that pivot around Infopeek, almost in the style of a storybook, with a light and extremely sympathetic tone.” Verónica Nieto, Rumiar la biblioteca

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