2001 PUNTO CERO (2001.0) by Carlos A. Colla

2001 PUNTO CERO (2001.0) by Carlos A. Colla

Data sheet

No. of pages: 224
Language: SPANISH
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788494841507
Edition year: 2018

Welcome to a luminous journey, at times hilarious, that crosses the misery and dissects the hypocrisy of an abandoned society that struggles to emerge from the abyss.

In a Buenos Aires besieged by violence and poverty in the worst economic and ethical crisis in contemporary Argentina, the lives of a select few are shipwrecked in a country that is crumbling. Prostitutes, unemployed, workers and cartoneros merge in a ravaged city, pierced by anarchic holes of poverty, evictions and unemployment.

Thanks to an unknown fate, the protagonist, disenchanted and responsible for his family, advances between the absurdity of the crisis, in a forward flight, without rest or contemplation, to try to recover a destiny torn from the roots.

What could be the destination of such a particular transit?

This disturbing story by Carlos A. Colla does not wield causes or inquiries against that devastating crisis, it does not aspire to tell what those responsible for the corralito did more than 15 years ago: its underground red thread is intensely literary, with James Joyce and devotion to Ulysses in the background. The novel is openly in solidarity with a cry that is political and democratic despair: Throw them all out!” Jordi Gracia, El País

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