Cuentos META

Cuentos META (META Stories)

META Stories brings together eight narrative voices that transform realities, invert solutions and reconcile results with objectives, so that the purpose of their actions exceeds their own expectations.

Britannica, de Germán Padinger

Britannica by Germán Padinger

In a future that seems close to becoming the past, the novel's characters struggle to adapt to the rapid concentration of information in a global file that can be accessed, as in a dream, through a cable connected directly to the brain: a process they call «enhancement».

Tell, de Martín Lombardo

Tell by Martín Lombardo

Once upon a time… the Tell universe, a universe that is presented to us in multiple intertwined dimensions, and in which the characters intersect in paths of thought and action.

Cuentos EX (EX Stories)

Cuentos EX (EX Stories)

EX Stories brings together seven stories of encounters and disagreements that deliberate on the exceptionality of the routine and the spontaneity of the extravagant.

Cuentos @ (@ Stories)

Cuentos @ (@ Stories)

@ Stories groups six stories that show some uses of the “at” sign to delve into the heterogeneity of a symbol (@) that has become an indispensable element in our society.

Cuentos BI

Cuentos BI (BI Stories)

BI Stories groups six stories that explore the idea of ​​duplicity and repetition from different perspectives, expanding the "bi" beyond two so as not to have figures and to become innumerable.

Cuentos XMAS

Cuentos XMAS (XMAS Stories)

XMAS Stories groups seven Christmas-themed stories with X themes: an unknown, a prohibition, something with pornographic content, an indeterminacy, a substitution, a Roman numeral ...

Cuentos TRANS

Cuentos TRANS (TRANS Stories)

TRANS Stories brings together eight narrative voices from different backgrounds, which offer unique approaches to the term “trans”.

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