(Montevideo, 1977)

Silvia has a Ph.D. in Hispanic Studies from Brown University and is a professor at DePaul University.

As a poet and essayist, she has published poems and articles in literary magazines in Latin America, the United States and Europe.

She has participated in the anthologies Whispers to Dispel the ShadowsRhapsody of the Senses and City 100, as well as in the book Poet in New York: Poetas de tierra y luna.

From her first collection of poems, Five Movements of Tears (2008), some poems translated into English under the title No-one Rises Indifferent to Sorrow (2016) were selected.

De los pez la sed (2018) is her second book of poems.

She is currently preparing an essay on post-dictatorship poetry entitled Negligent Writings: Five Reflections on Contemporary Latin American Poetry.

Silvia is the author of the short story “Martes 2:35” in Bi Stories.


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