(La Habana, 1960)

Raúl is a poet and storyteller. He has lived in exile in Mexico since 1995, and is a Mexican citizen by naturalization.

He has worked as a copyeditor, editor, professor of literature and Spanish at various universities.

He was a columnist for the “Noterotica” section of the Mexican edition of Playboy, and for the cultural supplement Sábado, of the newspaper UnomásUno.

Among his published books are the poetry books Producing Crazy PeopleCommon Birth Certificate , With My Woman’s Voice, The Memory of Cheese, With Sand and No Fat, the anthology Ending Words (1987-2014), and the novels FuácataRobinhood.com , The Bird’s Toilet and Life Is a Lie, the latter Prize Ediciones B & Playboy de Novela Latinoamericana 2013.

In 2014 he won the VII Blas de Otero International Poetry Prize with the book The Horse with No Shoes.

His poems and stories have been translated into German, English, and Italian.

He currently works as a journalist and teaches Spanish classes for foreigners in the Riviera Maya.

Raúl is the author of “En busca del hombre bilingüe” (“Bilingual Man Wanted”) in Bi STORIES.


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