(Madrid, 1971)

Álvaro has a degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology, specializing in evolutionary linguistics and in the phenomena of languages ​​in contact.

He worked as a journalist in different media in Spain and is currently a teacher in the Harvard school district in Illinois.
He has published the poetry 
books Mantras to dance (2016) and Ex-Clavo (2018), as well as essays, articles and stories in magazines both in Spain and the United States.

He was one of the 37 writers selected for the book Poetas de Tierra y Luna, a tribute to Federico García Lorca in the reissue of Poeta en Nueva York (2018).

He is the delegate for the United States of the poetry magazine Crátera, and collaborates in different specialized media dedicated to literature and teaching.

He is currently preparing a bilingual collection of poems.

Álvaro is the author of “Sórdido@69” in @ STORIES.


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